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General  Information

      Freshly cooked pancakes on site
     In your home or by the pool for that special party
     Breakfast in the boardroom
     Lunch on the Yarra for that business function
     Supper in the garden or a casual get-together

    Pancake Perfection is suitable for parties, staff functions, clubs and special events.
    We will provide all plates, cutlery, serviettes and clean up at no extra cost to you.
    We will save you time and effort and specialise in making your function the "BEST YET"

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    Access and Setup

    For each function easy access is required for the setup of all required equipment. 
    Setup :- car and trailer, BBQ and tables. These factors must be considered for each function venue.

    Photo examples. ( click photo to enlarge )

    Car and trailer  
    Fully setup  
    Function in progress.  
    Cooking Pancakes. cooking.jpg (88kb)  
    Serving Pancakes. serving.jpg (78kb)  
    Basic Setup ppset3.jpg (66kb) ppset4.jpg (70kb)

    Phone / Fax :-  (03) 9888 3322
    Mobile :- 0425 751 025